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Our Mission

We help established eCommerce brands generate 30% more revenue with retention marketing in 2-3 months without spending more on ads, personnel or management time.

Turn email marketing into a primary sales channel in your brand’s arsenal

Hyper-targeted, personalized and beautifully designed emails that convert

Predictable revenue lift and much higher customer lifetime value

Is your Email Marketing a goldmine yet? Or you’re just scratching the surface?

If you are like many of our clients, we don’t need to point out why email marketing is an extremely valuable marketing channel for your eCommerce business.

Most likely you have sent out some email campaigns to your customer list in the past, but your process consumed too much of your precious time, and on top of that – it didn’t bring you the results you were expecting.

That’s why you hired some agencies or freelancers but even they needed micro managing and could not deliver you those jaw-dropping results you were hoping for since:

Top email marketing and retention strategies for Shopify and Klaviyo users

Your brand is worth much more than standard templates and basic email features. Your brand deserves stunning email designs that leave a lasting impression. It deserves copywriters with a magic pen that tells your story and builds eternal relationships with your customers.

eCom Maniacs is changing the game of email marketing and is here to help you reach your email marketing revenue targets with a proven data-driven system. 

Our Retention Marketing Services

Messenger & WhatsApp Marketing

Diversify your retention marketing channels, create more touch points with your customers and become omni-present. 

Level up your customer relationships management with hyper-targeted Messenger or WhatApp follow-ups, and keep them engaged.

Email Marketing

Unlock your true customer lifetime value with our email marketing approach. We deploy our predictable and ROI-driven email marketing strategy tailored to your goals, brand guidelines and customers.

eCom Maniacs builds you highly personalized email flows and campaigns that do the trick. 


Pump your customer lifetime value aggressively with SMS marketing and see how our advanced techniques drive thousands of dollars in additional revenue month after month.

eCommerce Brands We Work With

Maximize Your eCommerce Sales
in 7 steps

Step 1
Contact Us Today
Step 1
Step 2
Uncover Growth Opportunities
We learn about your email marketing goals and your target audience to identify customer segments and growth opportunities
Step 2
Step 3
Map out the Customer Journey
We map out the email flows and the behavioural triggers for the customer journey
Step 3
Step 4
We prepare the email design and script concept following your brand tone and guidelines
Step 4
Step 5
Assets Approval
You check and approve the created email concepts
Step 5
Step 6
Custom-fit Design
We build the beautifully-designed email flows and campaigns
Step 6
Step 7
Launch and Scale
You sit back, and watch us scale your business to the next level as the emails go live
Step 7

Our Email Marketing Package

Clients' Success Stories

As an ecom brand owner, increasing revenue has been rather interesting. With the help of the eCom Maniacs team, I’ve been able to do that. Over 6 months we have stabilized the website and we have that relationship with the customer. I highly recommend the team. Primary to better understand e-commerce. Having them as a sidekick consultant is a great, great resource.

Varun Sharma

Laumiere Gourmet Fruits

They want to help me to get profitable. It’s the whole going above and beyond – that is really what stood out for me. They would not just have a call with me once a week but they’d send me updates throughout the week so we won’t leave any money on the table. I highly recommend working with eCom Maniacs. If you are looking for someone that’s responsible for the way they spend your funds, then I definitely recommend Ahmed and his team.

Ghobihan Ananth


Working with them has been pretty easy. Our initial goal was to increase our sales through social media with 30% and I am very pleased to say that thanks to eCom Maniacs we have achieved this goal. They communicated very reliably and adapted to our communication process. Overall I have no hesitation to recommend eCom Maniacs to other businesses as well.

Chris Dammann,

Connect Training

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Maximum Profit

Maximum Profit

Our average client sees an ROI of 5x even up to 10x within 6-8 weeks.

The Machine

The Machine

We built a fulfillment process that yields systematic, predictable results with hardly any time investment on your end.



We are a mix of experienced strategists, advanced data-analysts, persuasive copywriters and creative designers that deliver impressive results - short term and long term.

Our Partners

We have discovered other amazing companies in "the field" and we proudly call them our partners

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